Friday, February 24, 2006


Abdulrahman's Opinion Paragraph

The media should not exploit the personal problems of celebrities for profit.Diego Armando Maradona, whose nickname is El Diez, is regarded as one of the best players in the history of soccer. The story began when all the media announced that Maradona was battling a cocaine addiction. The news made the people who loved Maradona very upset and they didn’t trust it, so they went everywhere to know the truth. On the other hand, the reporters surrounded Maradona’s house. They were waiting for him, but they didn’t know if he was in the house or not. Other reporters were in the hospital waiting for him, but they also didn’t know if he was there or not. Day after day, the media made the story bigger. They said that the Mafia was to blame because Maradona’s team played a team owned by a member of Al-Mafia. Next, it was reported that Maradona was followed by Al-Mafia, and they tricked him into having cocaine in his blood. In fact, it was not true, but Maradona is still being followed by the media,who want to know all the facts and how he had cocaine in his blood. This just wastes people’s time and makes money for the newspapers. Maradona is the best in soccer, but not in his own life because he lost his good reputation by doing wrong things. However, the media was wrong to sensationalize his tragic mistake.

hi, Abdulrahman,

I agree with you that the media is sensationalist. However, if they hadn't been on Maradona's foot all the time, probably he would never have recovered from his addiction. To prove that the media was wrong, he is doing his best to get back in shape and have a healthy life. Don't you think so?

Carla in Brasilia, Brazil
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