Friday, February 24, 2006


Ali's opinion paragraph

The media coverage of the Michael Jackson child abuse trial was out of proportion to the importance of the story. Michael Jackson is a famous American singer. Most people know him. Over the years there have been many reports concerning child abuse at Jackson’s ranch. He has been accused of being gay. The most recent story about Michael Jackson was that he had sex with a small boy, and the boy’s mother complained in to the police. Reporters made this story very big because he is a very famous singer. In the beginning Michael was famous for his dancing. Then he was identified as a suspect in these cases. Many reporters assumed that Michael was guilty and began looking for evidence of his guilt. Every detail of Michael’s personal life and career was investigated. Michael Jackson is a normal person; he might make mistakes, like other people. In my opinion, reporters must not make the story very big.

Hi, Ali,

I agree with you that there is a lot of media coverage on every famous person, including Michael Jackson. Well, when a person becomes famous the first thing he/she loses is privacy. Do you have any suggestions on how the media should act towards the well-known names around the globe?

carla in Brasilia, Brazil
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