Friday, February 24, 2006


Boram's opinion paragraph

Lee Yoonhyung, daughter of the CEO of Samsung, committed suicide in Manhattan because of a marriage problem. Her father, the Samsung CEO, didn’t accept her boyfriend. So she maybe had had a hard time. At first, when her death was discovered, the Samsung group announced that she was killed in a car accident. But the accident was investigated by the media. As a result, the fact that she committed suicide was discovered. She had been studying arts management at New York University. She had been having a problem with her parents. Her parents didn’t accept her boyfriend, Shin Subin, so she killed herself. But the Samsung group has not mentioned this incident. the media always must report facts. But they don’t have to make a story sensational. This incident is more sensational than the factual. The facts aren’t clear yet. But the media still reported that her death was caused by the conflict with her parents.

Hi Boram,

It's interesting to see how the "media" can put a "spin" on a story to make it sensational for their readers.

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