Friday, February 24, 2006


Eman's Opinion Pragraph

Eman AlKindi
Feb.14, 2006
Opinion Paragraph

Princess Diana died in a very terrible accident; she paid with her life for celebrity. The accident happened because the media followed her every where all the time. In 1997, when she was with her lover Dodi ALFaied in Paris, the media followed them with photography and surrounded them with cars. They tried to take some pictures of them with each other. The story started when some photographers took some pictures of them in the sea when they were having fun. The media sensationalized this news and supported it with these private photographs. The reporter wrote, “Princess Diana is pregnant by her boyfriend," which made the Royal family angry. Some people said the Royal family had a hand in that accident, but no one knows what the truth is. If it was an accident or intended accident, it's the same, because with her death and that of everyone with her, the secret disappeared. The media turned her life into a nightmare. They didn't let her have a personal life, and they made her life very difficult. It's terrible when someone can't be comfortable in her life. Finally, she paid too much for celebrity. In my opinion, everyone has a right to live his life without being followed or attacked by anyone, but for celebrities it's become a dream.

Woow! I loved your paragraph. Congratulations !!
Hi Eman,

I agree with you that celebrities have the right to a personal life.

Some people believe that celebrities should expect that the details of their personal lives will be available to the public.:(

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