Friday, February 24, 2006


Lun's opinion paragraph

Today there are too many news stories which are reported every day. Sometimes the facts are clear. At other times, people must rely on their own judgment. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was accused of sexual harassment by six women on Dec 2, 2002. The women alleged that Schwarzenegger had touched their breasts or buttocks over the last three decades. They first sold the stories to the Los Angeles Times the final weekend before the gubernatorial election. Schwarzenegger shocked the crowd in San Diego. Schwarzenegger said to the crowd that a lot of the allegations are not true. But he has apologized for behaving badly. He said he thought his behavior was playful, but now he recognizes that he offended people. The crowd accepted Schwarzenegger's apology. They did not believe the reports. They were cheering and clapping for Schwarzenegger. In the past politicians have often been accused in scandals by the media before elections, and the attacks were usually effective. But in the day people rely on their own judgment. They do not believe reports. They have their own opinion. Everybody can analyze news.

Hi Lun,

Yes, everyone can rely on their own judgment and can analyze what they read.

However, there are many people who don't do this and rely only on what they read or what they hear.

How can we change this?


I agree with you that we need to be really critical in relation to what we hear on the news to make the proper judgement of the events. Do you think that the public is getting more conscious and thinking about what they hear?

Carla in brasilia, Brazil
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