Friday, February 24, 2006


Mohammed Al-Hajri's Opinion Paragraph

The media should not have made such a big deal of the Diego Maradona drug case. Argentine soccer superstar, Diego Maradona, is well known for his “Hand of God”. He is a good player. He led his team to win the World Cup. He was known as a famous player all over the world, but Maradona took drugs, which ruined his reputation. The incident happened in Italy, when he joined the Naples mafia organization and took drugs. Maradona failed a drug test and was banned for 15 months from playing. It was a big event in the world because he was a famous soccer player, so the reaction was extreme. The reporters covered every thing about Maradona’s life. He was followed everywhere by the media, which bothered Maradona. They even made false accusations, so Maradona became angry. One day, while reporters were waiting in front of Maradona’s house, he went out with a gun and fired on them. I think the reporters took all privacy from him. They followed Maradona everywhere and made his story very big. Maradona made a very big mistake, but they shouldn’t have followed him everywhere and invaded his privacy. Because he is a normal person, he might make mistakes. We must respect his great history in soccer as a good player.

Hi Mohammed Al-Hajri,

It's too bad that the press can't focus on the good accomplishments of a celebrity.

Sometimes the "not-so-good" actions sell more newspapers and magazines.

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