Friday, February 24, 2006


Na Ry's opinion paragraph

Leslie Cheung was the most famous actor in Hong Kong. He was in Yee do hung gaan and Ba wang bie ji. He was also a singer. He was very handsome and talented. So lots of Asians loved him. Unfortunately, on April 1, 2003, he died. After he died in his hotel room, TV, newspapers, and the internet reported his stories. The very first story talked about when he died, where he died, and how he died. He was idolized by reporters who applauded his ability. Then, a few hours later, many reporters wrote about his suicide and suicide note. A policeman who saw Leslie Cheung’s suicide note wrote that he was depressed and he was in love with a man. Based on the police officer’s statement, reporters wrote a love story. They wrote that he loved two men, so he became confused, and that’s why he was depressed. It was almost like a romantic novel. Reporters must write just facts. Of course, they have to attract many readers to make a lot of money. So they write stories interestingly. It is natural. But it seems very cruel to sensationalize the story of one man who died of sorrow.

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