Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Abdulrahman's opinion essay

Acupuncture is at the same time an ancient therapy and a modern one. It was discovered by Chinese people 3000 years ago. Acupuncture needles were originally from animal bones. The Chinese used acupuncture to heal some problem such as headaches. They have to put the needles in definitive points that are scattered in the body. Acupuncture has many benefits and can be effective, but not all the time because there are many diseases that acupuncture can’t cure, so people must choose another method such as surgery.

There are many patients who use acupuncture, but only a few of them find it to be effective, while the rest have to have surgery. There are many people who have ailments and they use acupuncture, and there are people who do not want to use conventional treatment, so they use it. But acupuncture is not a substitute for surgery. For example, last year my uncle had a slipped disk and went to a doctor who diagnosed him and advised him to use acupuncture. He tried acupuncture and it was effective at first. After months, he tried it again and it wasn’t effective, so he had surgery to heal himself.

In conclusion, acupuncture is a good cure method for some ailments, but not for every ailment and not all the time, so I advice everyone to go to a doctor before he decide to try acupuncture.

I agree, Abdulrahman, acupuncture may cure certain health troubles but not necessarily all. I guess a bit of faith and tradition are needed too. Have you ever been in an acupuncture treatment? I was once, long ago, more then 15 years ago, to improve stress. Since I did not believe much in it, I went to a few sessions but never returned again. My mom had several sessions for back pain but she is simply too old and it is too hard and difficult to improve her condition.
Thanks for sharing your opinion about acupuncture in cyberspace. Regards from Caracas, Berta
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