Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Boram's NMAI diary entry

I met the class at school at 9:00, and we went to the metro station by shuttle bus. On the metro, I sat with Eman. It took about 40 minutes. During the metro ride, I looked out the window and took pictures with my friends. After we rode metro, we walked to the museum. On the way, I saw many signal lamps and the capitol.

When we arrived at the museum, I was surprised to see the form of the museum. The outside architecture was in the form of waves. It was unusual and interesting.

After we saw the outside architecture, we went inside the museum. As soon as I went inside the museum, I saw the prisms. At that time, the sun was not out, so we didn’t see the rainbow. We went up to the 4th floor. On the 4th floor, I focused on the Lakota, a Native American because I had an assignment about them. I learned that the Lakota people believe everything is inside a sacred circle, the Hocoka. Most interesting point was the directions. The directions of four have different colors and meanings. The west is associated with black, and it means spring and generosity. The south is associated with white, and it means winter, elders, wisdom, and all animals. The east is associated with yellow, and it means fall and adulthood. The north is associated with red, and it means summer and youth. It was very interesting for me.

After we went around the museum, we went to the 1st floor. There is a cafeteria called the Mitsitam café. We ate lunch there. At lunch, I sat with friends and my teacher and ate a burrito and drank orange juice. It was a good time. While I was eating, I saw many people and foods. It is very various and unique.

After lunch time, I went to other museums with Nary. One was the Hirshhorn Museum and the other was the African Art Museum. I liked the Hirshhorn Museum a lot. There were pictures and drawings. I also liked the African Art Museum. But I was very tired at that time, so I didn’t see all the exhibits. I thought that I would go again and see everything.

After I went around the 3 museums, I came back home by metro and shuttle bus. At the end of the day, I thought that it had been fun.

Hi Boram, you visited three museums in one day!!! No wonder you felt tired and decided to go back to the last two another day!!!
As I was reading the comments of your classmates, I was beginning to wonder if any of you had visited the Lakota indian exhibit. I became very interested in this tribe when I watched the TV series "Into the West" by Steven Spielberg. I think the six episodes are really very well made. Here is their official web site:

I could understand some of the cardinal points in reference to the seasons of the year and how they are related to colors (red for summer, for example) but I have no idea why spring was connected to black. Thanks for sharing this interesting information. Regards from Caracas, Berta
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