Thursday, March 16, 2006


Maira's Opinion Essay

Fasting's Miracles

History tells us that fasting (i.e., complete abstention from food) was recommended by the great religions of Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism and has being a part of them. Fasting is one of most important and most misunderstood ways to keep health and to recover health. Fasting is an ancient treatment, the instinctive therapy for many illnesses, and a great tool for preventing disease. Choosing healthful foods, chewing well, and maintaining good colon function minimize our need for fasting.

If the body can’t heal itself, then nothing can heal it. Doctors do not heal; medicines do not heal; only the body heals itself. The body always knows best what it needs and what to do. My friend Galina Bazarova, who has worked as a doctor for many years, said once, “I can say from experience that I am not aware of any other healing tool that can be so effective as fasting.“
American world-famous doctor Paul Bragg wrote about nutrition and the medicinal fasting in health recovery. Several books, that have been written by him talk about his system of health recovery and the prolongation of life. His works have a world reputation. He demonstrates the effect of fasting in his own life. In his famous book The Miracle of Fasting, he said, “I believe in my program of fasting, it proved its effect on me, on my family, on my friends and on thousands people from the world. You can imagine how my body relaxes when I fast 75 days a year.”

The idea of abstention from food to heal sickness is very simple. That is why physicians have no respect for it. Today many people can talk about their results from fasting. Fasting treated incurable sicknesses such as leprosy, heart disease, anemia, Bright’s disease, nephritis, stomach ulcer, pyorrhea, sinusitis, and the common cold. All of them are relieved and made a complete recovery by fasting. To treat a cold, you need to fast for one to four days. Of course, many people are afraid of fasting. “How can I work?” one asks, or “How can I keep balance if I stop eating?” another worries. Certainly, each person feels a fit of hunger, but this state doesn’t last a long time. One person feels it only the first two days, and another one feels it five days. The most popular form of fasting is taking only water or fasting includes the use of fresh juices made from fruits and vegetables as well as herbal teas. After some time, they feel a sense of lightness and well-being.

Fasting is one of the best overall healing methods because it can be applied to so many conditions and people. I have read a lot of books about fasting. Animals instinctively fast when ill. In Kazakhstan, many people have learned this nonconventional treatment from books, such as those written by Malakhov, who cured himself of many diseases by fasting. I am sure every family in my country has his books and use his advice to heal themselves. People are tired of using many different chemical drugs in whose benefit they don’t believe.

Fasting can really work miracles. I know many people in my country, as well as in Russia and China, cured themselves of malignant breast cancer by correctly using a juice fast. Scientific research shows that long lived cultures like the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico and the Abkhazian of Georgia, who live on a low calorie diet and fast 1-2 days out of the week, lived to be on average 100-110 years old. The miracle benefits of fasting using the correct methods have been shown many times to cure illness, to help people lose weight, look younger, feel better, and even live longer.

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