Friday, March 31, 2006


NaRy's NMAI Diary Entry

Mar. 15, we had a field trip to the National Museum of the American Indian. We met at a shuttle bus stop at school at 9. About 10 after 9, all of my class mates were gathered, so we were start. In the metro I, Ozgecan, Boram, Iman, and Lun were sat close. We were talked about many things. Especially I talked about North and South Korea with Ozgecan. Trip took almost 1 hour. And we were approached the museum.

When I saw the museum, I was very delighted. It looks a huge and tender rock. Maybe it had erosion from wind for a long time. It is stuck pieces of artificial rocks, but it looks a big rock. It was interesting

In the museum, there were many categories about tribes in continent of America. I focused on Quechua in Peru. They were part of Inka, so they have proud. In their beliefs, whole world is constructed by pair things. Eyes are pair, ears are pair, and even nose has pair of nostrils. That's why they don't accept unarranged people. After lunch, I saw an exhibit about now days of Native Americans. There were lots of exhibits about their life styles. It was so interesting because mixing modern things and old things is occurred every place. In case of Korea, many old things are mixed with modern things. But unfortunately many good old things are getting disappeared. I hope that Indian’s traditional things are not do like that.

We had lunch at Mitsitam Café. I sat with Nina, Ozgecan, Iman, Boram, Maira, Lun, and Ali. All of us are ate different foods, so very fun. I ate burrito but it wasn’t delicious. In its inside there was just potato.

After lunch, I went to second stairs, but there was just store. I just looked but didn’t buy anything because so expensive. I and Boram went to out of the museum, and went other museum. We went to a Japanese photographer’s exhibition. He took a lot of picture. I don’t understand something, but I love other paints. There were many kinds of paints and figures. Some of them were famous. Anyway, when I went to out, I was full of happiness. I went to home by metro. The way home I was satisfied. I learned lots of things, and I saw lots of things, and I felt lots of things.

Hello Nary,
I learned a lot through your account of the visit too (even that a burrito can only have potatoes! I had never heard about such a burrito. Well, it is not that I eat many).
It was great to read you learned, saw and felt many things. I sounds as if the experience was a great one. Congratulations and very well written.
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