Thursday, March 16, 2006


Nary's Opinion Essay

In the world, there are so many nations and folk remedies. Some countries have acupuncture, and some countries have massage. In case the of acupuncture, it is recognized by experts of many countries. But alimento therapy is very localized, so it doesn’t get any recognition. Alimento therapy is a kind of folk remedy. It uses common and natural food for healing illness. It is very useful in your life. Many people use it because it is easy and safe. Usually people learn of it by word of mouth. In that process, ancestors' wisdom was added and added. So alimento therapy suits local people. However, we should use it very carefully because it is also a kind of treatment. It is best to use alimento therapy with conventional treatment or the advice of experts.

Alimento therapy works slowly because it heals by changing your physical constitution. Changing their physical constitution, patients won’t get the same illness. Of course it is very effective for patients. Some people use a specific food for several years. However, if you use only alimento therapy, you will suffer from your illness for a longer time.

Every food has its own characteristics. For example, ginseng has hot characteristic, so fat and hot people shouldn’t consume a lot of it. Green tea has cold characteristic, so thin and weak people shouldn’t use it much. Therefore, when you use alimento therapy, you should follow the advice of someone who has much experience. You can also be advised by a Chinese medicine practitioner.

Alimento therapy may not always work, but it is convenient to use and sometimes very effective, so if you use it in conjunction with conventional therapy and with the advice of experts, you will be better soon.

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