Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Abdulla's Cause and Effect Essay

Air Pollution in Qatar

Air pollution is a serious environmental problem and it is one of many dangerous problems that threaten our life. There are a lot of causes of air pollution in Qatar especially in the capital, Doha, but I think the vehicle emission are the most significant cause of air pollution in Doha, whereas in Umsaieed, the main cause of air pollution is industrial smoke, because there are a lot of factories in Umsaieed. Air pollution is a serious problem in Qatar because it is very small and the population is centered in the capital city Doha. All the people should work together to solve our air pollution problems.

in the past few years, the number of cars has increased in Qatar for example, every house hold has more than two cars, which is a very big problem because we don’t have a lot of trees in my country, and car’s exhaust from all the cars spread very easily. Umsaieed is an industrial city not very far from the refineries Doha, there are a lot of factories in Umsaieed such as oil and gas refineries, and the smoke that comes from the factories damages the environment just as car exhaust does.

Air pollution threatens life, so the trees, plants, animals, and humans are in danger, Air pollution hurts the trees and plants, and every body as knows that the main food source for human and other animals is plants so; the animals will die because they will not find food, and as a result, humans will be affected also. Humans will also face a lot of diseases, such as skin cancer, asthma, skin allergies, and our eye problem. In Qatar there are a lot of programs to safeguards our environment because we know air pollution is very dangerous and it will damage the life in my country if we don’t control it.

Right now the government is trying to solve pollution problems in many ways, of things such as building industrial areas and airports away from cities, and I think this is very good idea . I also suggest that people shouldn’t drive if they want to go to near places, and they should put a filter on car’s exhaust pipe. Air pollution is a dangerous threat to our life. The transportation and industry are the main cause of air pollution, and everybody should help to make our world pure.


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