Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Abdulla's Zoo Diary Entry

The semester have gone, and the most beautiful times had gone also. But Monday 24-04-2006 was one of the most beautiful days in this semester, because my teacher Nina , classmates , and I went to the National Zoo in Washington DC .

I chose this field trip between two other choices because I think it is better, and it was. At 9:15 I met my teacher and my friends at College Park Metro Station, and then we went to the national zoo. At the entrance we saw a big panda doll. It was amazing, and then we went to see the elephant’s bath. After that my friend Mohammed Al-Hajri and I went to see some lions and some tigers. It was exciting. Then I told Mohammed to see the fish and snakes, but the problem was we didn’t know how to get there. And we found it accidentally we found the building was called Amazonia, and I think it was the most beautiful place in this national zoo. We saw a big fish. I have never seen such a big like that . then we saw the Amazon snake. Finally Mohammed and I went to the panda store, where we bought a lot of things such as Panda bags, panda pencils, and other things . I really enjoyed myself at the zoo, and it was one of the most beatiful days I have had in the US .

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