Thursday, April 20, 2006


Abdulrahman's Cause & Effect Essay

Air Pollution

Air is a very important thing in our life. Without it we can’t live, so we have to protect the air from pollution so we can breathe good, clear air. Especially these days when industry is increasing in Qatar, we have to work harder and harder to protect the air from pollution. For example, the city of Um Saied in Qatar faces a serious air pollution problem.

There are many factories in Um Saied. Because of the many factories, the factory emissions are increasing and this is one of the most dangerous kinds of pollution in the world. Factory emissions produce acid rain. As a result of acid rain, the sea water near Um Saied will become polluted and the fish will get sick and die. If this happened, people will no longer want to go to Um Saied’s beaches to swim and go fishing or boating, because the environment is damaged and polluted. People already complain that they can’t go to Um Saied beach or live there. After they complained, the government noticed that there is a lot of pollution and they have to think seriously about a solution to solve this problem and save Um Saied.

This problem is hared to solve, but the government of Qatar was determined to create a solution for the air pollution in Um Saied. They decided on four solutions: to build factories far away from the town, to design smoke filters for the factories, to create an environmental organization to keep an eye on the factories and all things that pollute the environment and the air, and to pass strong laws to control the air pollution.

Now everyone who pollutes the air has to pay a lot of money to the Qatar government. I don’t think that these solutions are enough for big cities, but for Qatar and Um Saied, they are useful.

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