Sunday, April 30, 2006


Abdulrahman's Last Assignment

I have learned a lot of experience in the MEI since the semester began. First, I learned how to improve my English. I learned a lot of reading skills, listen with taking notes, improve the pronunciation, and make presentations. In addition, I was taught how to read fast even though I can’t understand every word. Furthermore, I was taught how to write an essay. I learned a lot of vocabulary, how to ask polite questions, and give advice. So the semester’s program was useful, but it needs some addition to be perfect. Finally, the MEI was a small home to us and the teachers, students, all the staff were very happy to help us to improve our English as a second language. They were very nice. I’d like to send my thanks especially to my best teacher Nina and Kim, and generally to everyone who participated to let this semester succeed. I’m very sad that I can’t come to the final ceremony because I will travel; I hope that all the students enjoy the ceremony.


Thanks for your very hard work all this semester. I am very sorry that you won't be at the final ceremony.
Thank you for your kind words Abdulrahman..
Will all Qatar people travel on that day ?
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