Monday, April 10, 2006


Abdulrahman's Recommendation

Last week I heard from my teacher that we have class field trip, and we have three choices the first one is the national zoo, the second is national Arboretum, or the DC Neighborhoods Exploration. I prefer going to the zoo because most of the student chose this choice, and because it’s interesting to see the new animals, strange things, have fun, and take photos.

I agree with you . and I like to go to the national zoo also . I think it will be intersting .
Did you choose the zoo because most students want to go there?
Or really want?
If so I will agree.
it looks like interesting, but the zoo is near to the umd. And you know it is spring, we should enjoy the nature, grasses, trees, and flowers. We can go the zoo at summer or winter. Why don't we enjoy the nature.
I agree your choice.
It is a good choice!!
Animals are nature too! In the spring, animals are more active and animated then winter! We can join them!!
I agree with you I think it is interesting and we will have fun.
Thank you Abdulrahman, but I am really worried about the smell of the zoo.
Don't worry ozgecan. Smell is not serious. Maybe they often have shower...(maybe)
Hi Abdulrahman:
I think the smell there will be horrible. Actually no compering btween flowers smell and zoo smell. But if all class agree ! what i should to do, i have to agree :(
hahaha :)
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