Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Alhajri's Cause and Effect Essay

Air Pollution in Qatar

Air is very important in our lives, and we must protect it from pollution. If the air is polluted there will be no life on the Earth. There are many things polluting the air in Qatar. In the last few years, air pollution has been increasing in Qatar because of the increase in the population and the number of factories.

There are a lot of things which cause the air pollution in Qatar. Because of the increase in the population, the number of cars is increasing. Qatar is a small country, but it has many factories because it depends on industry. Exhaust from cars and factory emissions are the main cause of the air pollution in Qatar. It is a serious problem.

Air pollution has many bad effects in the country. It endangers animal life. Birds and animals breathe the polluted air. Consequently, they are poisoned and died. People also breathe the polluted air. It causes asthma, pneumonia and the skin cancer for them. The ozone layer is destroyed by air pollution, so the mean temperature is increasing, which endangers people, animal and plant life. Because of the air pollution, the ecosystem has been changed.

Air pollution is not an easy problem. It is hard to solve this problem because we need the cars and factories. We must find effective solutions to this problem. The country is working very hard to solve this problem and we have many ways to decrease this environmental problem. We can build the industrial area away from the cities, which makes less smoke in the cities; decrease the number of cars by providing public buses for each city, and put filters in factories and cars to cleanse emissions. These measures will decrease the air pollution.

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