Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Boram's Cause and Effect Essay

Air pollution is the contamination of air with noxious substances such as vehicle exhaust fumes. These days, people are interested in air pollution because it is a serious problem. There have been many incidents such as developing skin cancer and changing ecosystem. Most of all, if we are going to solve the problems, we need to know the causes. In air pollution, exhaust is a big cause, and most exhaust is auto exhaust and factory exhaust.

Auto exhaust is a pollutant that comes from cars. These days, most adults have a car. Some people have two, three or four cars. We may think that each person uses only one car, so it is a small part of air pollution. But those thoughts make much more pollution. Cars emit exhaust into the air and carbon monoxide from the exhaust goes up into the sky. Carbon monoxide meets oxygen in the air. They combine to create carbonate, which causes damage to the ozone layer. When the ozone layer is damaged people will develop skin cancer because gaps in the ozone layer allow ultraviolet rays to shine on the earth. If that happens, plants and animals will also be affected plants because chloroplasts will be damaged, and animals’ immunity will be destructed by ultraviolet rays. Finally everything will die.

Factory exhaust is another big cause of air pollution. Factories emit sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide into the air, where they meet and form sulphites and nitrites, which oxidize the air.
Eventually, our ecosystem will change because of those reasons. Exhaust is a more serious problem than we think, so we should reduce our use of private cars. Instead of cars, we should walk if we can or take public transportation. Walking is good for both the environment and our health. We should also reduce using factories. We should not waste goods that come from factories. The environment is not ours. It is just on loan to us, and we must give it to the next generation, so we must protect it.

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