Friday, April 28, 2006


Boram's Last Assignment

We have studied English in 003 class for about a half and three months. During spring semester, we had many things such as classes, Friday Activities, Coffee Hour, and three field frips. I had a good time with a good teacher and good friends. Now I try to remember our memories. When I had my first class, I thought that three and a half months were too long, but now I miss everything of MEI. Maybe we can’t meet next semester. We have only two or three more days. I want to remember everybody of our class and hope my friends will also remember me. I was so glad to meet you. Bye~bye~ *^^*

It's really nice that you overcame your initial negative impressions to make friends and learn a lot during this semester. Keep learning, and I hope you can continue learning with us. You worked hard this semester, and I am glad you have happy memories of our class.
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