Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Eman's recommendation

Next Friday we will have a trip with our institute. We have three choices; the National Zoo, the National Arboretum, or the DC Neighborhoods Exploration. I prefer the National Arboretum because nothing makes us feel so comfortable and relaxed as nature. Also, I missed the cherry blossoms two weeks ago; I couldn't go there. I think this is the best time to see the beauty of America. All the time we hear about this country that it is a paradise on earth, and this depends on the natural beauty of this land. Especially when we go together, we can take a lot of beautiful pictures there, and it will become a wonderful memory for all of us.

As for the other choices, I can accept the zoo. It's my second choice. But I think it will not be very easy to go around there with a big group. I prefer to go there alone or with a friend. For the last choice, I don't want to go there because I'm sure I will lose my way there, and I hate crowds in a small area. I'm not sure about my classmates' choices, but I have to accept what the majority of them choose. I hope it will be as nice and exciting as last week's field trip.

Dera Nina and her class,
I hope you selected the Arboratum because I got very excited about the potential pictures you might take there. We donĀ“t have cherry blossoms in Venezuela but have other beautiful colorful blossoms at this time of the year (especially bright yellow and orange).
I am more than sure you had another great trip.
Regards to all from sunny Venezuela,
Berta ;-)
Hi Nina and all students, I really would like to know what the DC Neighborhoods Exploration is. Please, enlighten me ;-)
Happy Easter to all of you from Sweden,
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