Monday, April 10, 2006


Lun's recommendation

I would rather go to the National Arboretum because I think we have many chances to go to the zoo and Chinatown, but we won't go to the National Arboretum by ourselves. And it is spring, the best season to see plants. By the way, I promise the smell is better than a zoo. I have gone to the zoo once and gone to Chinatown many times. I prefer going to the National Arboretum to going to the zoo. Why don't we go the National Arboretum? It is spring!! Let's go!!

Hey! You used our new Grammar Structure perfectly. It's spring. I agree with you.. Let's go!
Zoo doesn't smell bad.
We are also animal include you~
I think zoo is good.
LooooL Ozgecan we have to use it .

Lun , I agree with your opinion but I dont like this place , so I chose the national zoo !
Your sugestion sounds perfectly.
By your recomendation I would like to go to Albatreum too. Yes, it is spring now.
You can go there with your girl friend!!
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