Monday, April 24, 2006


Lun's Zoo Diary Entry

Asian elephant training

Abdulla, Nari, Ozgecan, and Nina

Harbor seal training

Lun, NaRy, and BoRam

Today we went to the National Zoo. There are many interesting animals: cute pandas, gentle crocodiles, shy gorillas, skillful seals and elephants. We had a good time. I hope you like the pictures. I would like share the pictures with you. You can see my classmates' expressions are interesting too. Abdulla was in sober earnest looking at the seals.

Thank you for all pictures.. They are so nice! :)
There are so many pistures.Thank you~That time was good time for me.
WoooOOoooW Lun

thanks for pictures.. I am Very cute in the picture LooooOooooL
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