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Maira's Cause and Effect Essay

A Major Ecological Problem in Almaty

Almaty used to be the national capital of Kazalhstan, and it is known as the city of apples. It is a beautiful place with a mountainous background and a very green city. In old times, we had a huge apple harvest. One thing people dislike about Almaty is the pollution which you can see hovering over the streets sometimes. In fact, this was one of the reasons for the transfer of the capital to another spot. Today Almaty is affected very seriously by air pollution.

One of the primary causes the city pollution is the exhaust from automobiles, approximately 85 percent. of. Over the past 10 years, the number of cars has increased ten-twelve times. Many of the cars are poor quality. In addition, up to 40 percent of the gasoline is impure. Furthermore, a vast amount of exhaust produced is trapped in and stayed into the city because a range of high mountains encloses the city, shielding it from winds. There is constant stale close air and severe smog.

People in Almaty are barely surviving without a breath of fresh air. As a result, people become sick due to the lack of clean air. Many citizens, perhaps 80 percent, have problems with high blood pressure. Young people, including schoolchildren, struggle with allergies, heart disease, and chronic headaches. It is especially hard for pregnant women; some of them lose their children late in pregnancy. 90 percent of newborn children are disabled. According to ecologists’ estimates, the deaths of about 2000 people a year are linked to ecological factors in the city.

The problem of air pollution in Almaty should be solved as soon as possible. The government ought to revise its environmental laws according to EU standards. Now ecologists from the whole world are seeking ways to solve the ecological problem in Almaty. It is being discussed a lot by all of the citizens. The mayor of the city has already passed a law to limit the use of old and out-dated vehicles, and cars must use natural gas instead of petrol. In my opinion, the best solution would be to replace cars with bicycles and change drivers’ habits. This will be also more enjoyable for all people in Almaty.

Good job! But i have a question. Which county is the best one to decrease pollution in the world? Do you think your county can imitate the county?
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