Sunday, April 09, 2006


Maira's recomendation

I have met many different people since I came to the USA. I am interested to know about other culture. Also it talks about Washington, DC. I might be to understand another American people by knowing their habits, opinions closely, and by trying their food.
I’ve been in Chinatown two times. There is a movie center, a Sturback’s cafeteria, some shops, the Spy museum, and something looks like Chinese gates. I couldn’t see any Chinese people there. I remember there is the American roc café. Nothing is special from China.
But I’ve never been in the Adams-Morgan and Shaw/U Street. I can’t imagine what that is. I need to know Spanish people. I don’t feel comfortable with them and really I should do something to understand them.
Secondly I choose the National Arboretum. I would like to see bonsai trees and I love beautiful flowers. Their beauty makes people happy

Hi Maria,
You went to zoo many times, so it will not be interesting for you to go again. You're right, but I want to see the zoo :(
I interested about culture also . but I like the Zoo better than this place .
I think we can't understand different cultures by going Chinatown or that kinds of place.
Hello Mayra,
I think it is very interesting that you want to know about different cultures. I am not sure what you mean by Spanish people. Is it people from Spain or simply people who speak Spanish. I speak Spanish and I am from a Latin American country, Venezuela. I will be more than welcome to answer any question you want. I am sure you had a wonderful time in the field trip. Warmly from caracas ;-), Berta
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