Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Maira's Zoo Diary Entry

After the dicussion long time we decided to go to the zoo finally. I was't disappointed becouse I knew I would find some interesting information about animals.
On Monday I went to the zoo. It was the forth time, going to the zoo for me. I thought, I will bored there. Surprisingly, I liked our zoo trip with my classmates. It was not so long, I could see the interesting elephant's performance first time even I've been several times before. Each morning the elephants take a shower. They do with please. They are big, strong and kindly, I think.
I saw my lovely sea seals again. I wondered, people train even them. Their trainer took blood to check seal's health, she said to us , that she does it every morning. The seals were quiete and obedient and they like the trainer. It was shown by their repeating kissing the trainer.
We went to see the lions and the tigers. They are always same, they were relaxing as I saw them last time in the fall. They have too good comfortable life ilast timen the Washington zoo. The tigers in the Almaty zoo are very angry, they often growl throw cages to people even to children. Certainly, their life are not been easy in our zoo. It is one of the city's problems.
The most interesting thing was to see the famous panda with the baby. Before I was wondered and couldn't understant why Americans crazy from them. I invented and could understand it on that day. Panda and its baby are unsually sympathetic. Just I wanted to embrace them and to play like kids. The pandas are black-white color. They were playing outside for our luck to see them.
I liked the trip to the zoo with my classmates and our teacher Nina. Even I've been there before in this time I could know many new things, I discovered the zoo for myself one more time. And I was really happy.

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