Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Mohammed's Zoo Diary Entry

On Monday 24-04-2006 I had a field trip with my classmates. The weather was fine and good for the trip. We have three choices for the trip, but we chose the Zoo because it was the most interesting place of all. I met my classmates and we went to the metro station. Then we got the Metro to the National Zoo which is located in D.C. I thought that I would have a good time there because I like animals.

When we arrived at the Zoo, I was ardent to see the elephants because I like them very much. We took a map for the Zoo. Then we went to see the elephant bath. It was wonderful and it was the first time for me. After that, I went with Abdullah to see lions and tigers, which was very exciting. Abdullah told me that he wanted to see Amazonia, so we went there and we took some pictures. While we were walking through the Zoo, by accident we saw the Seals. They were very cute. Next, we went to the Panda Pavilion and we bought many things from there. I hoped to see the panda, but I left the Zoo before 1:00 o'clock.

It was one of the most interesting days for me in the U.S. I really have enjoyed in the Zoo. I think the Zoo is the place where we can have fun and take picture of the cute animals. I hope to go back to the Zoo to see the Panda. Finally it was a nice day.

Mohammed, why did you leave before 1:00? The school day lasts until 3:00!
I want to go Amazonia, too. I didn't visit there. And I also have a question. Why did you leave before 1:00?
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