Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Nary's Cause and Effect Essay

We Sould Protect Our Earth

People come from the land and go back to the land. We take nutrition from land in order to grow. Our ancestors regarded the land as mother. They called the land a womb. Nowadays, people hurt the land in various ways. It is getting more and more polluted. We should protect the land because our lives depend on it.

One way people harm the earth is by burying lots of trash. We always use many disposable materials. For example, plates, cups, forks, and wrap are made of Styrofoam or plastic. They are very hard or even impossible to recycle. What can we do with them? We just bury them. If they decayed, they would disappear eventually. But they can’t decay so they just stay in the ground for hundreds of years. We create lots of trash. We go on burying it, and we need more and more land. Then, all of that land is used for garbage, so people can’t live there, and the land has no purpose. That’s how large areaof land are abandoned.

Another way people harm the earth is by using chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Farmers use a lot of land for farming, and many of them use chemical fertilizers and pesticides because they are very convenient. However, they harm good insects and animals because they are toxic. If plants grow in soil which contains lots of toxic chemicals, they will contain toxic chemicals. Toxic chemicals can not be digested, and they move to herbivorous animals. Finally, they move to people who eat polluted things and accumulate in the body.

If we use the land thoughtlessly, we will be harmed by the land. That’s why we should preserve the land. Governments should add more tax to disposable products. This is called green tax. Furthermore, we should teach recycling to our children. We should think about the consequences of our behavior for the environment. We don’t live by ourselves. We live together with nature.

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