Monday, April 10, 2006


Nary's recommendation

I want to go the Zoo or the DC Neighborhoods Exploration, because there are a lots of interesting things! Of course the Arboretum is good too, but(!) if someone is allergic to plants, she(he) would have a big problem!!! Anyway, the arboretum is boring. I like animals. They make us happy! We can be happy!!!!!!!

Yes . but I did'nt understand what you mean here ( if someone is allergic to plants)

I chose the zoo also and I hop we will enjoy there .
Nary I think that your recommendation is not clear so far and most of the parapraph is advice ,but you really did a great job.
it looks like interesting, but the zoo is near to the umd. And you know it is spring, we should enjoy the nature, grasses, trees, and flowers. We can go the zoo at summer or winter. Why don't we enjoy the nature.
Are you allergic to plants? If you are, it would be very hard time for you! :(
Yes, We can be happy.
But we can be happy everywhere.
I like all of offers, but I already have been in the zoo.
I agree your choice.
It sounds interesting.
Let's go!!
It just supposed story.(about allergic) ^^
nice job. and i agree with you.
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