Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Nary's Zoo Diary Entry

In MEI, we had a field trip to National Zoo. Originally, I should go to shuttle but stop at 9:15, but I forgot the time so I went to 9:25, so I missed MEI family. I boarded next bus with Boram. We were a little bored because went to the zoo just two of us. It was my fault. When we arrived the station, we didn’t know any direction, so I asked to a woman how to get to the National Zoo. We walked toward road, but we became confused. We asked another man, and we walked again. But I didn’t make sure about direction; I had to ask to a grandpa again.

We walked under the sunshine. When I approach the zoo, I was tired. We were late, but we could meet everyone. The entry of zoo was so clear and large. I was so excited about animals.
There were many kinds of animals. First, we saw elephants. In the elephant’s house, they took a shower. We watched them. They were very cute even though they are very big. After that, I saw a lot of animals. I don’t remember what I saw next, but I remember all of animals I saw. The most interesting animal is a desert fox.

Nina, Lun, Maira, Boram, Ozgecan and I ate lunch together. Everyone brought lunch. Weather was good, so I was so happy. After lunch, I went to see the animals. I saw sea-lions, apes, small mammals and pandas. Especially panda cup was very cute. It looks like a ball of fur. It followed its mom, and it played by itself.

Sunshine was so strong. National Zoo was so large. In the end, I was exhausted, but it was very nice trip. I love every animal and my class mates. I’m sad that this semester is almost end.

I think having to ask three people how to get to the Zoo from the metro station was good practice for your English!
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