Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Eman's last assignment

I don't know how to start my last assignment. I can't explain my feeling, no words will be enough. I came today late like always, and I thought I will receive my failing exam paper. But I was shocked when Nina told me you did it, you passed it. It was one of the most wonderful moments in my life. I mean I know I didn't work as hard as I was supposed to. There is no success without hard work. I missed a lot of classes and trips in this semester because of my situation and a lot of trouble getting the visa for my family. I was so depressed, and I couldn't come to class with this bad situation. I learned a lot of things from this country and these people. I have now more experience in several things: for example, life experience, education experience, and communication experience. No words will show how much I appreciate my teacher for caring and pushing me to learn, and she was so patient with me. I can say only one word. It will not explain but it will be the minimum thing I can say. I want to say, thanks Nina, I learned from you a lot of things, I'll never forget you. You are great with me and also with all students. Thanks Nina, my best teacher and friend :).

Dear Eman,
You have faced a lot of challenges this semester--not only in English but in many areas of your life. Somehow, you were able to learn a lot of English, even though you couldn't come to all the classes or do all the assignments. (We teachers call that language acquisition, as compared to language learning.) You were lucky! I know that next semester, you are going to do better and learn even more. Good luck to you!
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