Friday, February 24, 2006


Ali's opinion paragraph

The media coverage of the Michael Jackson child abuse trial was out of proportion to the importance of the story. Michael Jackson is a famous American singer. Most people know him. Over the years there have been many reports concerning child abuse at Jackson’s ranch. He has been accused of being gay. The most recent story about Michael Jackson was that he had sex with a small boy, and the boy’s mother complained in to the police. Reporters made this story very big because he is a very famous singer. In the beginning Michael was famous for his dancing. Then he was identified as a suspect in these cases. Many reporters assumed that Michael was guilty and began looking for evidence of his guilt. Every detail of Michael’s personal life and career was investigated. Michael Jackson is a normal person; he might make mistakes, like other people. In my opinion, reporters must not make the story very big.


Abdulrahman's Opinion Paragraph

The media should not exploit the personal problems of celebrities for profit.Diego Armando Maradona, whose nickname is El Diez, is regarded as one of the best players in the history of soccer. The story began when all the media announced that Maradona was battling a cocaine addiction. The news made the people who loved Maradona very upset and they didn’t trust it, so they went everywhere to know the truth. On the other hand, the reporters surrounded Maradona’s house. They were waiting for him, but they didn’t know if he was in the house or not. Other reporters were in the hospital waiting for him, but they also didn’t know if he was there or not. Day after day, the media made the story bigger. They said that the Mafia was to blame because Maradona’s team played a team owned by a member of Al-Mafia. Next, it was reported that Maradona was followed by Al-Mafia, and they tricked him into having cocaine in his blood. In fact, it was not true, but Maradona is still being followed by the media,who want to know all the facts and how he had cocaine in his blood. This just wastes people’s time and makes money for the newspapers. Maradona is the best in soccer, but not in his own life because he lost his good reputation by doing wrong things. However, the media was wrong to sensationalize his tragic mistake.


Na Ry's opinion paragraph

Leslie Cheung was the most famous actor in Hong Kong. He was in Yee do hung gaan and Ba wang bie ji. He was also a singer. He was very handsome and talented. So lots of Asians loved him. Unfortunately, on April 1, 2003, he died. After he died in his hotel room, TV, newspapers, and the internet reported his stories. The very first story talked about when he died, where he died, and how he died. He was idolized by reporters who applauded his ability. Then, a few hours later, many reporters wrote about his suicide and suicide note. A policeman who saw Leslie Cheung’s suicide note wrote that he was depressed and he was in love with a man. Based on the police officer’s statement, reporters wrote a love story. They wrote that he loved two men, so he became confused, and that’s why he was depressed. It was almost like a romantic novel. Reporters must write just facts. Of course, they have to attract many readers to make a lot of money. So they write stories interestingly. It is natural. But it seems very cruel to sensationalize the story of one man who died of sorrow.


Boram's opinion paragraph

Lee Yoonhyung, daughter of the CEO of Samsung, committed suicide in Manhattan because of a marriage problem. Her father, the Samsung CEO, didn’t accept her boyfriend. So she maybe had had a hard time. At first, when her death was discovered, the Samsung group announced that she was killed in a car accident. But the accident was investigated by the media. As a result, the fact that she committed suicide was discovered. She had been studying arts management at New York University. She had been having a problem with her parents. Her parents didn’t accept her boyfriend, Shin Subin, so she killed herself. But the Samsung group has not mentioned this incident. the media always must report facts. But they don’t have to make a story sensational. This incident is more sensational than the factual. The facts aren’t clear yet. But the media still reported that her death was caused by the conflict with her parents.


Mohammed Al-Hajri's Opinion Paragraph

The media should not have made such a big deal of the Diego Maradona drug case. Argentine soccer superstar, Diego Maradona, is well known for his “Hand of God”. He is a good player. He led his team to win the World Cup. He was known as a famous player all over the world, but Maradona took drugs, which ruined his reputation. The incident happened in Italy, when he joined the Naples mafia organization and took drugs. Maradona failed a drug test and was banned for 15 months from playing. It was a big event in the world because he was a famous soccer player, so the reaction was extreme. The reporters covered every thing about Maradona’s life. He was followed everywhere by the media, which bothered Maradona. They even made false accusations, so Maradona became angry. One day, while reporters were waiting in front of Maradona’s house, he went out with a gun and fired on them. I think the reporters took all privacy from him. They followed Maradona everywhere and made his story very big. Maradona made a very big mistake, but they shouldn’t have followed him everywhere and invaded his privacy. Because he is a normal person, he might make mistakes. We must respect his great history in soccer as a good player.


Eman's Opinion Pragraph

Eman AlKindi
Feb.14, 2006
Opinion Paragraph

Princess Diana died in a very terrible accident; she paid with her life for celebrity. The accident happened because the media followed her every where all the time. In 1997, when she was with her lover Dodi ALFaied in Paris, the media followed them with photography and surrounded them with cars. They tried to take some pictures of them with each other. The story started when some photographers took some pictures of them in the sea when they were having fun. The media sensationalized this news and supported it with these private photographs. The reporter wrote, “Princess Diana is pregnant by her boyfriend," which made the Royal family angry. Some people said the Royal family had a hand in that accident, but no one knows what the truth is. If it was an accident or intended accident, it's the same, because with her death and that of everyone with her, the secret disappeared. The media turned her life into a nightmare. They didn't let her have a personal life, and they made her life very difficult. It's terrible when someone can't be comfortable in her life. Finally, she paid too much for celebrity. In my opinion, everyone has a right to live his life without being followed or attacked by anyone, but for celebrities it's become a dream.


Abdulla's opinion paragraph

When Hamad Al-Thani, president of Qatar, decided to build a big church in Qatar, the Qatari press sensationalized the story by focusing too much attention on people who objected to the church. Every body knows that all Qatari people are Muslims, so some people were angry, but on the other hand, the president’s plan was accepted by some people. President Hamad decided to build the church because there are many Christians in Qatar,thirty-five percent are Indian Christians , twenty-five percent British and European Christians , ten percent American Christians,thirty percent other nationalities. The other reason for his decision was that all people in Qatar are free to do anything they want. That is called religious freedom. I agree with my president because everybody must be able to do anything they want and they can choose their own religion. Qatar is a democratic country and everybody is the same and free. The story was sensationalized by the media. The media should not have blown this story out of proportion.


Maira's Opinion Paragraph

People have been distracted and bored by the sensational endless story about three movie stars. It turned out celebrity divorce has an effect on common people. Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are very popular highly-paid actors in Hollywood today. Producers have invited to play them main roles for many interesting modern movies. For four years, Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston, and everyone thought that they were a lucky couple. But life changed for many people when Brad fell in love with Angelina last year. He divorced his wife and now he is trying to marry his new girlfriend, Angelina Jolie. Magazines, newspapers, the Internet and TV have all written about their lives, such as how they feel, what they say, where they go, when they call each other, and when they are going to marry again. There are a lot of repetitive articles. Reporters love to write gossip about the personal life of celebrities and to fill people’s heads with useless information. It is typical for people in that case to side with one person or the other. People sell and buy T-shirts and hats with the inscriptions, “Camp of Jolie” and “Camp of Aniston”, when they could be spending their time on important things. Journalists laugh and comment, “America has been divided into two camps”. The media needs to be more responsible about the stories that it covers and it should focus on serious and educational issues.


Lun's opinion paragraph

Today there are too many news stories which are reported every day. Sometimes the facts are clear. At other times, people must rely on their own judgment. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was accused of sexual harassment by six women on Dec 2, 2002. The women alleged that Schwarzenegger had touched their breasts or buttocks over the last three decades. They first sold the stories to the Los Angeles Times the final weekend before the gubernatorial election. Schwarzenegger shocked the crowd in San Diego. Schwarzenegger said to the crowd that a lot of the allegations are not true. But he has apologized for behaving badly. He said he thought his behavior was playful, but now he recognizes that he offended people. The crowd accepted Schwarzenegger's apology. They did not believe the reports. They were cheering and clapping for Schwarzenegger. In the past politicians have often been accused in scandals by the media before elections, and the attacks were usually effective. But in the day people rely on their own judgment. They do not believe reports. They have their own opinion. Everybody can analyze news.


Ozgecan's Opinion Paragraph

The media disturbs famous people with sensational news, but at the same time, I think it is good for them. For example, Michael Jackson always attracts attention with his bizarre life style. Recently, the most sensational news was that Michael Jackson was violating small boys. This news was heard for the first time in 1993. Then, in 2004 it was heard again, this time with a 15-year-old boy. As soon as this news was heard, new small boys appeared who claimed Michael Jackson had violated them. A lot of things about Michael Jackson’s story began to be broadcast in 2004. It was getting bigger day by day. The media researched everything about Jackson and his life. They spoke to his former wife, his children's mother and his friends and broadcast every detail. The trial began in January, 2005 and continued until July, 2005. The court decided that Jackson was innocent. Of course, people need to know that kind of news. The media should broadcast or print it, but if it had not been Michael Jackson, if it had just been an average person, the media would not have been that interested in it. Maybe we would see a little paragraph about this news on the last pages in the newspapers. People don't have to know too much information about famous people's privacy. I think the media sensationalizes this kind of story and it works for famous people because it keeps them in the public eye. For example, Michael Jackson is famous in Turkey, too. But he was at the height of his popularity in Turkey in the 1990's. Then it changed. But during the trial, he was on the news, on the TV, on the internet, on the radio. He was everywhere again. It doesn't matter to fans if the news is good or bad because Jackson still has a lot of fans. I think this kind of sensationalism makes it impossible to forget their names.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Assignment 1: Opinion paragraph

In our first unit, you learned to
Your first writing assignment was to write an opinion paragraph. The topic was sensationalized reporting. You chose a news story that was sensationalized by the media. You described the event and the media coverage of the event, and you stated your opinion about the coverage.

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