Friday, February 24, 2006


Ozgecan's Opinion Paragraph

The media disturbs famous people with sensational news, but at the same time, I think it is good for them. For example, Michael Jackson always attracts attention with his bizarre life style. Recently, the most sensational news was that Michael Jackson was violating small boys. This news was heard for the first time in 1993. Then, in 2004 it was heard again, this time with a 15-year-old boy. As soon as this news was heard, new small boys appeared who claimed Michael Jackson had violated them. A lot of things about Michael Jackson’s story began to be broadcast in 2004. It was getting bigger day by day. The media researched everything about Jackson and his life. They spoke to his former wife, his children's mother and his friends and broadcast every detail. The trial began in January, 2005 and continued until July, 2005. The court decided that Jackson was innocent. Of course, people need to know that kind of news. The media should broadcast or print it, but if it had not been Michael Jackson, if it had just been an average person, the media would not have been that interested in it. Maybe we would see a little paragraph about this news on the last pages in the newspapers. People don't have to know too much information about famous people's privacy. I think the media sensationalizes this kind of story and it works for famous people because it keeps them in the public eye. For example, Michael Jackson is famous in Turkey, too. But he was at the height of his popularity in Turkey in the 1990's. Then it changed. But during the trial, he was on the news, on the TV, on the internet, on the radio. He was everywhere again. It doesn't matter to fans if the news is good or bad because Jackson still has a lot of fans. I think this kind of sensationalism makes it impossible to forget their names.

Hi Ozegecan,

Sometimes "bad publicity" can be "good publicity." All publicity has the potential to create more interest in the person or the event that has been reported.

Is this a good thing?

yes, Ozgecan!

I agree with you. I also believe that, as you mentioned, people need to be selective on the veracity of the news being reported. We need to be critical about what is being said about a person. In a certain way, it helps famous people to be known around the globe. So, what do you think?

Carla in brasilia, brazil
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