Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Goodbye and good luck!

Back row: Kim Sorensen (Listening/Speaking teacher), Ali Al-Buenain, Lun Liu, Mohammed Al-Hajri, and Abdulla Al-Abdulghani.
Front row:NaRy Kim, Boram Chae, Eman Al-Kindi (hidden), Maira Bissembayeva, Ozgecan Gunoz, Nina Liakos (Reading/Writing/Grammar teacher), Abdulrahman Al-Kaabi.
Missing: Mohammed Al-Buenain.
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Our class has ended, and we now turn the page to a new chapter in our lives. Many of you will return to MEI to study more English, some in the summer term, and some in the fall. Others will transfer to a different school. Good luck to everyone! You have all made amazing progress since the class began. I have enjoyed being your teacher very much. Please stay in touch!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Eman's last assignment

I don't know how to start my last assignment. I can't explain my feeling, no words will be enough. I came today late like always, and I thought I will receive my failing exam paper. But I was shocked when Nina told me you did it, you passed it. It was one of the most wonderful moments in my life. I mean I know I didn't work as hard as I was supposed to. There is no success without hard work. I missed a lot of classes and trips in this semester because of my situation and a lot of trouble getting the visa for my family. I was so depressed, and I couldn't come to class with this bad situation. I learned a lot of things from this country and these people. I have now more experience in several things: for example, life experience, education experience, and communication experience. No words will show how much I appreciate my teacher for caring and pushing me to learn, and she was so patient with me. I can say only one word. It will not explain but it will be the minimum thing I can say. I want to say, thanks Nina, I learned from you a lot of things, I'll never forget you. You are great with me and also with all students. Thanks Nina, my best teacher and friend :).

Sunday, April 30, 2006


Abdulrahman's Last Assignment

I have learned a lot of experience in the MEI since the semester began. First, I learned how to improve my English. I learned a lot of reading skills, listen with taking notes, improve the pronunciation, and make presentations. In addition, I was taught how to read fast even though I can’t understand every word. Furthermore, I was taught how to write an essay. I learned a lot of vocabulary, how to ask polite questions, and give advice. So the semester’s program was useful, but it needs some addition to be perfect. Finally, the MEI was a small home to us and the teachers, students, all the staff were very happy to help us to improve our English as a second language. They were very nice. I’d like to send my thanks especially to my best teacher Nina and Kim, and generally to everyone who participated to let this semester succeed. I’m very sad that I can’t come to the final ceremony because I will travel; I hope that all the students enjoy the ceremony.


003 students working together

One Monday afternoon in PHYS 1219, group work in UMEI 003 Reading, Writing, & Grammar:Maira, Mohammed Al-B., and NaRy

Abdulla, Ozgecan, and Lun

Mohammed Al-H., Boram, and Ali

Don't they all look serious and dedicated to improving their English?


Maira's Last Assignment

I want to say "Thank you very much" to all colleagues in the MEI, the director, teachers, and other people in the MEI. They were really helpful. We spent wonderful time, we could improve our English. We had very good teachers, Nina and Kim, a nice computer lab with many different programs to study English, and the guys in the lab always were ready to help you. I liked the coffee hours and my speaking partner. I liked all activities. I will remember our river trip on a rainy day, the trip to the National American Indian museum, and the trip to the zoo. I had ahard time to adjust and study, but I always felt kindness from the staff in the MEI. Good luck, everybody.

Friday, April 28, 2006


Boram's Last Assignment

We have studied English in 003 class for about a half and three months. During spring semester, we had many things such as classes, Friday Activities, Coffee Hour, and three field frips. I had a good time with a good teacher and good friends. Now I try to remember our memories. When I had my first class, I thought that three and a half months were too long, but now I miss everything of MEI. Maybe we can’t meet next semester. We have only two or three more days. I want to remember everybody of our class and hope my friends will also remember me. I was so glad to meet you. Bye~bye~ *^^*


Ozgecan's Last Assignment

Studying at MEI was very nice. MEI is like a family. Our teachers, students, and other people always showed it us. Nina is a wonderful teacher and person. Classes are enjoyable with her. She teaches perfectly. Thank you Nina. Thank you for everything…
After I read Lun’s entry, I wanted to cry. I’m a very emotional person; therefore, in final ceremony, I may cry. Especially if I see a person who cries, I start to cry :) I’m sad because this nice semester end. If I pass MEIPE and study my master degree here, I would like to come to MEI and visit my teachers. (Maybe some of students too)
I will miss everybody, every place, and every moment at MEI. Bye teacher, bye students, bye MEI !

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Lun's Last Assignment

Study in MEI
Today is the last day we study in 003 class. We really had a good time in this class. We had a good teacher. Her name is Nina. She teaches us not only reading and writing but also speaking and listening. Because she knows how to study a language, she tells us how to read a novel, how to listen a long story. At last, we can understand a movie from a novel, which we had read. I really enjoyed studying English. This is my first time when I like to study English. Before I met Nina, I didn’t like to study English, I thought learning English is the most boring thing in my life. But Nina has changed me; I can follow her teaching and try to understand the words, the sentence, the novel and the movie. I really enjoyed the movie in English. Many times I felt my eyes were moisten. I also had many good classmates. They came from different countries. All of them tried to study English in this class. Now we have to say “good bye”, but I believe we can speak English better and better. In the future, we can speak fluent in English.
See you MEI, see you 003 class!!


Ali's zoo diary

On Monday morning I woke up at 7:00 am and I ate my breakfast. Then I went to the university by bus. First I met my friends and my teacher and went with them to the College Park Metro Station. Then when we arrived to the zoo, we took a map because this was the first time we visited the zoo. After that we went to the Elephant House to see the elephant bath. It was very interesting because It was my first time. Then we walked around the zoo and saw a lot of different kinds of animals. At 1:00 pm we went to the restaurant and ate our lunch. After that my teacher had some tickets for the baby panda. At 1:30 pm I saw a baby panda for the first time in my life. It was very cute. Finally we came back to College Park. It was a very interesting trip.


Maira's Zoo Diary Entry

After the dicussion long time we decided to go to the zoo finally. I was't disappointed becouse I knew I would find some interesting information about animals.
On Monday I went to the zoo. It was the forth time, going to the zoo for me. I thought, I will bored there. Surprisingly, I liked our zoo trip with my classmates. It was not so long, I could see the interesting elephant's performance first time even I've been several times before. Each morning the elephants take a shower. They do with please. They are big, strong and kindly, I think.
I saw my lovely sea seals again. I wondered, people train even them. Their trainer took blood to check seal's health, she said to us , that she does it every morning. The seals were quiete and obedient and they like the trainer. It was shown by their repeating kissing the trainer.
We went to see the lions and the tigers. They are always same, they were relaxing as I saw them last time in the fall. They have too good comfortable life ilast timen the Washington zoo. The tigers in the Almaty zoo are very angry, they often growl throw cages to people even to children. Certainly, their life are not been easy in our zoo. It is one of the city's problems.
The most interesting thing was to see the famous panda with the baby. Before I was wondered and couldn't understant why Americans crazy from them. I invented and could understand it on that day. Panda and its baby are unsually sympathetic. Just I wanted to embrace them and to play like kids. The pandas are black-white color. They were playing outside for our luck to see them.
I liked the trip to the zoo with my classmates and our teacher Nina. Even I've been there before in this time I could know many new things, I discovered the zoo for myself one more time. And I was really happy.


Nary's Zoo Diary Entry

In MEI, we had a field trip to National Zoo. Originally, I should go to shuttle but stop at 9:15, but I forgot the time so I went to 9:25, so I missed MEI family. I boarded next bus with Boram. We were a little bored because went to the zoo just two of us. It was my fault. When we arrived the station, we didn’t know any direction, so I asked to a woman how to get to the National Zoo. We walked toward road, but we became confused. We asked another man, and we walked again. But I didn’t make sure about direction; I had to ask to a grandpa again.

We walked under the sunshine. When I approach the zoo, I was tired. We were late, but we could meet everyone. The entry of zoo was so clear and large. I was so excited about animals.
There were many kinds of animals. First, we saw elephants. In the elephant’s house, they took a shower. We watched them. They were very cute even though they are very big. After that, I saw a lot of animals. I don’t remember what I saw next, but I remember all of animals I saw. The most interesting animal is a desert fox.

Nina, Lun, Maira, Boram, Ozgecan and I ate lunch together. Everyone brought lunch. Weather was good, so I was so happy. After lunch, I went to see the animals. I saw sea-lions, apes, small mammals and pandas. Especially panda cup was very cute. It looks like a ball of fur. It followed its mom, and it played by itself.

Sunshine was so strong. National Zoo was so large. In the end, I was exhausted, but it was very nice trip. I love every animal and my class mates. I’m sad that this semester is almost end.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Abdulla's Zoo Diary Entry

The semester have gone, and the most beautiful times had gone also. But Monday 24-04-2006 was one of the most beautiful days in this semester, because my teacher Nina , classmates , and I went to the National Zoo in Washington DC .

I chose this field trip between two other choices because I think it is better, and it was. At 9:15 I met my teacher and my friends at College Park Metro Station, and then we went to the national zoo. At the entrance we saw a big panda doll. It was amazing, and then we went to see the elephant’s bath. After that my friend Mohammed Al-Hajri and I went to see some lions and some tigers. It was exciting. Then I told Mohammed to see the fish and snakes, but the problem was we didn’t know how to get there. And we found it accidentally we found the building was called Amazonia, and I think it was the most beautiful place in this national zoo. We saw a big fish. I have never seen such a big like that . then we saw the Amazon snake. Finally Mohammed and I went to the panda store, where we bought a lot of things such as Panda bags, panda pencils, and other things . I really enjoyed myself at the zoo, and it was one of the most beatiful days I have had in the US .


Abdulrahman's Zoo Diary Entry

On Monday, I went with my classmates in a field trip to the National Zoo. First, I woke up early and went to the university to meet our students and teacher. I went to the bus stop and I met them, then we took the metro bus to the College Park Metro Station. After that we took the Green Line, and then we changed to the Red Line to get to the station nearest the Zoo. Next, we got off the metro and we went outside the station then we walked into the Zoo. When we went there, we walked throw the zoo. It was big, so we decided to take a map. Then we walked to see the animals. First of all, I went to see the elephant’s bath and that the first time I had ever seen this, so it was very riveting. Then I went to see the cheetahs. They were my favorite animals. I saw five cheetahs. I learned many things about them. It is the fastest animal in the world. It lives in many places in Africa, such as, forests. Next, I went to the Reptiles section and I saw the Black Rat Snakes. They were very exciting and strange at same time. I found out some information about them.Thier habitat is from south New England through Florida. They eat mice, chicks, and rats. Then I went to see the baby panda. It was so cute and wonderful. Finally, I went back home. I had a great time even though I didn’t spend alot of time seeing the animals.


Ozgecan's Zoo Diary Entry

After a long discussion about where we should go, we went to the zoo. We met at the shuttle bus stop at 9.15. The trip took about 1 hour. In the morning, we went to see an elephant bath. After that, I saw a capybara which is from Southern Panama. Then we went to see a little performance of elephants. After that, some people left to go somewhere else. Nary, Maira, Boram, Lun, Nina and I walked together. We saw a Nile Hippopotamus. It came from Africa. It eats vegetation. It spends almost all its time in the water. It moves very slowly. I also saw some gorillas and took pictures. We saw a female tiger. We watched a seal training. That was the most interesting thing for me.
The time was almost noon, so we found a place to eat our lunch. The final thing was looking at the baby panda. I was worried about not seeing it, but we were lucky, and we saw it. We saw also the other 2 pandas. They were really cute. I needed to leave after seeing the pandas, because I had something to do in DC. After I finished everything that I needed to do, I ran into some of my classmates and my teacher at the metro. We went back to the university together.
It was my first time in a zoo. I always see the zoo in my city, because one of my rehearsal places is across from it, but I had never been to a zoo, even in my childhood. Maybe because I was expecting much more things from the zoo, it wasn't that interesting for me even though I wanted to go there very much. I couldn't see many different animals because they were very free to do whatever they want, but I know it is the best thing for them. However, I had a great time with some of my classmates and our teacher Nina.


Boram's zoo diary entry

I met Nary at school at 9:25, and we went to the metro station by shuttle bus. It took about 50minutes on the train. After we got off the metro, we walked to the National Zoo. When we arrived at the national zoo, we met other friends. In the national zoo, we could see many kinds of animals. We saw hippos, alligators, monkeys and birds. After we saw them, we ate lunch with friends and a teacher. And we continued to see other animals: giraffes, tigers, lions and pandas. After we saw them, we came back to school. Because I was very tired, I went home, took a shower, and slept. But it was a good time.


Mohammed's Zoo Diary Entry

On Monday 24-04-2006 I had a field trip with my classmates. The weather was fine and good for the trip. We have three choices for the trip, but we chose the Zoo because it was the most interesting place of all. I met my classmates and we went to the metro station. Then we got the Metro to the National Zoo which is located in D.C. I thought that I would have a good time there because I like animals.

When we arrived at the Zoo, I was ardent to see the elephants because I like them very much. We took a map for the Zoo. Then we went to see the elephant bath. It was wonderful and it was the first time for me. After that, I went with Abdullah to see lions and tigers, which was very exciting. Abdullah told me that he wanted to see Amazonia, so we went there and we took some pictures. While we were walking through the Zoo, by accident we saw the Seals. They were very cute. Next, we went to the Panda Pavilion and we bought many things from there. I hoped to see the panda, but I left the Zoo before 1:00 o'clock.

It was one of the most interesting days for me in the U.S. I really have enjoyed in the Zoo. I think the Zoo is the place where we can have fun and take picture of the cute animals. I hope to go back to the Zoo to see the Panda. Finally it was a nice day.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Lun's Zoo Diary Entry

Asian elephant training

Abdulla, Nari, Ozgecan, and Nina

Harbor seal training

Lun, NaRy, and BoRam

Today we went to the National Zoo. There are many interesting animals: cute pandas, gentle crocodiles, shy gorillas, skillful seals and elephants. We had a good time. I hope you like the pictures. I would like share the pictures with you. You can see my classmates' expressions are interesting too. Abdulla was in sober earnest looking at the seals.

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