Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Ozgecan's Zoo Diary Entry

After a long discussion about where we should go, we went to the zoo. We met at the shuttle bus stop at 9.15. The trip took about 1 hour. In the morning, we went to see an elephant bath. After that, I saw a capybara which is from Southern Panama. Then we went to see a little performance of elephants. After that, some people left to go somewhere else. Nary, Maira, Boram, Lun, Nina and I walked together. We saw a Nile Hippopotamus. It came from Africa. It eats vegetation. It spends almost all its time in the water. It moves very slowly. I also saw some gorillas and took pictures. We saw a female tiger. We watched a seal training. That was the most interesting thing for me.
The time was almost noon, so we found a place to eat our lunch. The final thing was looking at the baby panda. I was worried about not seeing it, but we were lucky, and we saw it. We saw also the other 2 pandas. They were really cute. I needed to leave after seeing the pandas, because I had something to do in DC. After I finished everything that I needed to do, I ran into some of my classmates and my teacher at the metro. We went back to the university together.
It was my first time in a zoo. I always see the zoo in my city, because one of my rehearsal places is across from it, but I had never been to a zoo, even in my childhood. Maybe because I was expecting much more things from the zoo, it wasn't that interesting for me even though I wanted to go there very much. I couldn't see many different animals because they were very free to do whatever they want, but I know it is the best thing for them. However, I had a great time with some of my classmates and our teacher Nina.

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