Friday, April 28, 2006


Ozgecan's Last Assignment

Studying at MEI was very nice. MEI is like a family. Our teachers, students, and other people always showed it us. Nina is a wonderful teacher and person. Classes are enjoyable with her. She teaches perfectly. Thank you Nina. Thank you for everything…
After I read Lun’s entry, I wanted to cry. I’m a very emotional person; therefore, in final ceremony, I may cry. Especially if I see a person who cries, I start to cry :) I’m sad because this nice semester end. If I pass MEIPE and study my master degree here, I would like to come to MEI and visit my teachers. (Maybe some of students too)
I will miss everybody, every place, and every moment at MEI. Bye teacher, bye students, bye MEI !

I think being able to express strong emotions is a good thing, so don't be afraid to cry at the final ceremony, Ozgecan! On the other hand, now that the semester is ending, you are beginning another new page in your life. It isn't a sad time, but a happy one. You can keep in touch with your MEI friends through this blog, through email and through chat. I have really enjoyed being your teacher, and I hope to see you back at UM very soon!
Hi, you are a nice person and I enjoyed every minute that I was with you and with the class's students, so I hope that you reach your goals and good luck.
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