Sunday, April 09, 2006


Ozgecan's recommendations

I would rather go to National Zoo or the National Arboretum than the DC Neighborhoods Exploration. I think the National Zoo is very interesting. So is the National Arboretum. I haven't been there before. I can take some pictures. These places are more interesting for me. Somebody said that the smell is not good in the zoo. Actually, it made me to think about it. The National Arboretum might be better just because of the smell. If we go to DC Neighborhoods, it will not be boring for me because I can shop and see the city. It is also good for me, but we can do it by ourselves. I know we can do the others by ourselves too, but I think shopping, walking arround, or these kind of things are more personal things. I prefer the National Zoo or the National Arboretum.

You have good sense. And you are as beautiful as flowers. oh!
good sentence!!!!!
Oze your recommendation is good because you used the grammar that we took in good way and don't worry about the smell.
I agree with you.
Zoo doesn't smell bad.
I think going to the zoo is better when we are a group as you said and shopping is better in weekend by yourself
You wtite a very special recommendations. Good job ozgecan.

best wishes,
We will not go shopping. I really hate shopping. We will be introdused new culture in America and have dinner together with classmates.
Oze the smell is not as bed as you think please don't listen to the other people and don't worry again!!!!!!hhh
Hi Ozgecan:
I don't know why every body want to go to Zoo?!
like what i said before if all of the class agree about it, i have to agree :(
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