Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Assignment 2: Opinion essay

In this unit, you learned that an essay is a group of paragraphs about a topic. The first paragraph is the introduction, and the final sentence of the introduction is called the thesis statement. A thesis statement expresses the topic and controlling idea of an essay, just as a topic sentence expresses the topic and controlling idea of a paragraph.

After the introduction, an essay has one or more body paragraphs, each with its topic sentence. The body paragraphs provide support for the thesis statement.

An essay finishes with a conclusion, which restates the thesis in a different way and offers a solution, makes a prediction, or gives advice to the reader. The conclusion should provide the reader with a sense of closure.

Your assignment was to write an essay about a non-conventional medical treatment, expressing your opinion about its effectiveness and/or safety. You wrote at least three drafts before writing your final paper. In this blog, you are going to post your final essays after incorporating my grammar corrections.

Congratulations, Nina, on an excellent use of Blogs. I have read your students┬┤ writings and can foresee the positive impact this experience will have on their learning.
Warm regards from sunny Caracas, Berta
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