Sunday, April 30, 2006


Abdulrahman's Last Assignment

I have learned a lot of experience in the MEI since the semester began. First, I learned how to improve my English. I learned a lot of reading skills, listen with taking notes, improve the pronunciation, and make presentations. In addition, I was taught how to read fast even though I can’t understand every word. Furthermore, I was taught how to write an essay. I learned a lot of vocabulary, how to ask polite questions, and give advice. So the semester’s program was useful, but it needs some addition to be perfect. Finally, the MEI was a small home to us and the teachers, students, all the staff were very happy to help us to improve our English as a second language. They were very nice. I’d like to send my thanks especially to my best teacher Nina and Kim, and generally to everyone who participated to let this semester succeed. I’m very sad that I can’t come to the final ceremony because I will travel; I hope that all the students enjoy the ceremony.


003 students working together

One Monday afternoon in PHYS 1219, group work in UMEI 003 Reading, Writing, & Grammar:Maira, Mohammed Al-B., and NaRy

Abdulla, Ozgecan, and Lun

Mohammed Al-H., Boram, and Ali

Don't they all look serious and dedicated to improving their English?


Maira's Last Assignment

I want to say "Thank you very much" to all colleagues in the MEI, the director, teachers, and other people in the MEI. They were really helpful. We spent wonderful time, we could improve our English. We had very good teachers, Nina and Kim, a nice computer lab with many different programs to study English, and the guys in the lab always were ready to help you. I liked the coffee hours and my speaking partner. I liked all activities. I will remember our river trip on a rainy day, the trip to the National American Indian museum, and the trip to the zoo. I had ahard time to adjust and study, but I always felt kindness from the staff in the MEI. Good luck, everybody.

Friday, April 28, 2006


Boram's Last Assignment

We have studied English in 003 class for about a half and three months. During spring semester, we had many things such as classes, Friday Activities, Coffee Hour, and three field frips. I had a good time with a good teacher and good friends. Now I try to remember our memories. When I had my first class, I thought that three and a half months were too long, but now I miss everything of MEI. Maybe we can’t meet next semester. We have only two or three more days. I want to remember everybody of our class and hope my friends will also remember me. I was so glad to meet you. Bye~bye~ *^^*


Ozgecan's Last Assignment

Studying at MEI was very nice. MEI is like a family. Our teachers, students, and other people always showed it us. Nina is a wonderful teacher and person. Classes are enjoyable with her. She teaches perfectly. Thank you Nina. Thank you for everything…
After I read Lun’s entry, I wanted to cry. I’m a very emotional person; therefore, in final ceremony, I may cry. Especially if I see a person who cries, I start to cry :) I’m sad because this nice semester end. If I pass MEIPE and study my master degree here, I would like to come to MEI and visit my teachers. (Maybe some of students too)
I will miss everybody, every place, and every moment at MEI. Bye teacher, bye students, bye MEI !

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Lun's Last Assignment

Study in MEI
Today is the last day we study in 003 class. We really had a good time in this class. We had a good teacher. Her name is Nina. She teaches us not only reading and writing but also speaking and listening. Because she knows how to study a language, she tells us how to read a novel, how to listen a long story. At last, we can understand a movie from a novel, which we had read. I really enjoyed studying English. This is my first time when I like to study English. Before I met Nina, I didn’t like to study English, I thought learning English is the most boring thing in my life. But Nina has changed me; I can follow her teaching and try to understand the words, the sentence, the novel and the movie. I really enjoyed the movie in English. Many times I felt my eyes were moisten. I also had many good classmates. They came from different countries. All of them tried to study English in this class. Now we have to say “good bye”, but I believe we can speak English better and better. In the future, we can speak fluent in English.
See you MEI, see you 003 class!!


Ali's zoo diary

On Monday morning I woke up at 7:00 am and I ate my breakfast. Then I went to the university by bus. First I met my friends and my teacher and went with them to the College Park Metro Station. Then when we arrived to the zoo, we took a map because this was the first time we visited the zoo. After that we went to the Elephant House to see the elephant bath. It was very interesting because It was my first time. Then we walked around the zoo and saw a lot of different kinds of animals. At 1:00 pm we went to the restaurant and ate our lunch. After that my teacher had some tickets for the baby panda. At 1:30 pm I saw a baby panda for the first time in my life. It was very cute. Finally we came back to College Park. It was a very interesting trip.


Maira's Zoo Diary Entry

After the dicussion long time we decided to go to the zoo finally. I was't disappointed becouse I knew I would find some interesting information about animals.
On Monday I went to the zoo. It was the forth time, going to the zoo for me. I thought, I will bored there. Surprisingly, I liked our zoo trip with my classmates. It was not so long, I could see the interesting elephant's performance first time even I've been several times before. Each morning the elephants take a shower. They do with please. They are big, strong and kindly, I think.
I saw my lovely sea seals again. I wondered, people train even them. Their trainer took blood to check seal's health, she said to us , that she does it every morning. The seals were quiete and obedient and they like the trainer. It was shown by their repeating kissing the trainer.
We went to see the lions and the tigers. They are always same, they were relaxing as I saw them last time in the fall. They have too good comfortable life ilast timen the Washington zoo. The tigers in the Almaty zoo are very angry, they often growl throw cages to people even to children. Certainly, their life are not been easy in our zoo. It is one of the city's problems.
The most interesting thing was to see the famous panda with the baby. Before I was wondered and couldn't understant why Americans crazy from them. I invented and could understand it on that day. Panda and its baby are unsually sympathetic. Just I wanted to embrace them and to play like kids. The pandas are black-white color. They were playing outside for our luck to see them.
I liked the trip to the zoo with my classmates and our teacher Nina. Even I've been there before in this time I could know many new things, I discovered the zoo for myself one more time. And I was really happy.


Nary's Zoo Diary Entry

In MEI, we had a field trip to National Zoo. Originally, I should go to shuttle but stop at 9:15, but I forgot the time so I went to 9:25, so I missed MEI family. I boarded next bus with Boram. We were a little bored because went to the zoo just two of us. It was my fault. When we arrived the station, we didn’t know any direction, so I asked to a woman how to get to the National Zoo. We walked toward road, but we became confused. We asked another man, and we walked again. But I didn’t make sure about direction; I had to ask to a grandpa again.

We walked under the sunshine. When I approach the zoo, I was tired. We were late, but we could meet everyone. The entry of zoo was so clear and large. I was so excited about animals.
There were many kinds of animals. First, we saw elephants. In the elephant’s house, they took a shower. We watched them. They were very cute even though they are very big. After that, I saw a lot of animals. I don’t remember what I saw next, but I remember all of animals I saw. The most interesting animal is a desert fox.

Nina, Lun, Maira, Boram, Ozgecan and I ate lunch together. Everyone brought lunch. Weather was good, so I was so happy. After lunch, I went to see the animals. I saw sea-lions, apes, small mammals and pandas. Especially panda cup was very cute. It looks like a ball of fur. It followed its mom, and it played by itself.

Sunshine was so strong. National Zoo was so large. In the end, I was exhausted, but it was very nice trip. I love every animal and my class mates. I’m sad that this semester is almost end.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Abdulla's Zoo Diary Entry

The semester have gone, and the most beautiful times had gone also. But Monday 24-04-2006 was one of the most beautiful days in this semester, because my teacher Nina , classmates , and I went to the National Zoo in Washington DC .

I chose this field trip between two other choices because I think it is better, and it was. At 9:15 I met my teacher and my friends at College Park Metro Station, and then we went to the national zoo. At the entrance we saw a big panda doll. It was amazing, and then we went to see the elephant’s bath. After that my friend Mohammed Al-Hajri and I went to see some lions and some tigers. It was exciting. Then I told Mohammed to see the fish and snakes, but the problem was we didn’t know how to get there. And we found it accidentally we found the building was called Amazonia, and I think it was the most beautiful place in this national zoo. We saw a big fish. I have never seen such a big like that . then we saw the Amazon snake. Finally Mohammed and I went to the panda store, where we bought a lot of things such as Panda bags, panda pencils, and other things . I really enjoyed myself at the zoo, and it was one of the most beatiful days I have had in the US .


Abdulrahman's Zoo Diary Entry

On Monday, I went with my classmates in a field trip to the National Zoo. First, I woke up early and went to the university to meet our students and teacher. I went to the bus stop and I met them, then we took the metro bus to the College Park Metro Station. After that we took the Green Line, and then we changed to the Red Line to get to the station nearest the Zoo. Next, we got off the metro and we went outside the station then we walked into the Zoo. When we went there, we walked throw the zoo. It was big, so we decided to take a map. Then we walked to see the animals. First of all, I went to see the elephant’s bath and that the first time I had ever seen this, so it was very riveting. Then I went to see the cheetahs. They were my favorite animals. I saw five cheetahs. I learned many things about them. It is the fastest animal in the world. It lives in many places in Africa, such as, forests. Next, I went to the Reptiles section and I saw the Black Rat Snakes. They were very exciting and strange at same time. I found out some information about them.Thier habitat is from south New England through Florida. They eat mice, chicks, and rats. Then I went to see the baby panda. It was so cute and wonderful. Finally, I went back home. I had a great time even though I didn’t spend alot of time seeing the animals.


Ozgecan's Zoo Diary Entry

After a long discussion about where we should go, we went to the zoo. We met at the shuttle bus stop at 9.15. The trip took about 1 hour. In the morning, we went to see an elephant bath. After that, I saw a capybara which is from Southern Panama. Then we went to see a little performance of elephants. After that, some people left to go somewhere else. Nary, Maira, Boram, Lun, Nina and I walked together. We saw a Nile Hippopotamus. It came from Africa. It eats vegetation. It spends almost all its time in the water. It moves very slowly. I also saw some gorillas and took pictures. We saw a female tiger. We watched a seal training. That was the most interesting thing for me.
The time was almost noon, so we found a place to eat our lunch. The final thing was looking at the baby panda. I was worried about not seeing it, but we were lucky, and we saw it. We saw also the other 2 pandas. They were really cute. I needed to leave after seeing the pandas, because I had something to do in DC. After I finished everything that I needed to do, I ran into some of my classmates and my teacher at the metro. We went back to the university together.
It was my first time in a zoo. I always see the zoo in my city, because one of my rehearsal places is across from it, but I had never been to a zoo, even in my childhood. Maybe because I was expecting much more things from the zoo, it wasn't that interesting for me even though I wanted to go there very much. I couldn't see many different animals because they were very free to do whatever they want, but I know it is the best thing for them. However, I had a great time with some of my classmates and our teacher Nina.


Boram's zoo diary entry

I met Nary at school at 9:25, and we went to the metro station by shuttle bus. It took about 50minutes on the train. After we got off the metro, we walked to the National Zoo. When we arrived at the national zoo, we met other friends. In the national zoo, we could see many kinds of animals. We saw hippos, alligators, monkeys and birds. After we saw them, we ate lunch with friends and a teacher. And we continued to see other animals: giraffes, tigers, lions and pandas. After we saw them, we came back to school. Because I was very tired, I went home, took a shower, and slept. But it was a good time.


Mohammed's Zoo Diary Entry

On Monday 24-04-2006 I had a field trip with my classmates. The weather was fine and good for the trip. We have three choices for the trip, but we chose the Zoo because it was the most interesting place of all. I met my classmates and we went to the metro station. Then we got the Metro to the National Zoo which is located in D.C. I thought that I would have a good time there because I like animals.

When we arrived at the Zoo, I was ardent to see the elephants because I like them very much. We took a map for the Zoo. Then we went to see the elephant bath. It was wonderful and it was the first time for me. After that, I went with Abdullah to see lions and tigers, which was very exciting. Abdullah told me that he wanted to see Amazonia, so we went there and we took some pictures. While we were walking through the Zoo, by accident we saw the Seals. They were very cute. Next, we went to the Panda Pavilion and we bought many things from there. I hoped to see the panda, but I left the Zoo before 1:00 o'clock.

It was one of the most interesting days for me in the U.S. I really have enjoyed in the Zoo. I think the Zoo is the place where we can have fun and take picture of the cute animals. I hope to go back to the Zoo to see the Panda. Finally it was a nice day.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Lun's Zoo Diary Entry

Asian elephant training

Abdulla, Nari, Ozgecan, and Nina

Harbor seal training

Lun, NaRy, and BoRam

Today we went to the National Zoo. There are many interesting animals: cute pandas, gentle crocodiles, shy gorillas, skillful seals and elephants. We had a good time. I hope you like the pictures. I would like share the pictures with you. You can see my classmates' expressions are interesting too. Abdulla was in sober earnest looking at the seals.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Abdulrahman's Cause & Effect Essay

Air Pollution

Air is a very important thing in our life. Without it we can’t live, so we have to protect the air from pollution so we can breathe good, clear air. Especially these days when industry is increasing in Qatar, we have to work harder and harder to protect the air from pollution. For example, the city of Um Saied in Qatar faces a serious air pollution problem.

There are many factories in Um Saied. Because of the many factories, the factory emissions are increasing and this is one of the most dangerous kinds of pollution in the world. Factory emissions produce acid rain. As a result of acid rain, the sea water near Um Saied will become polluted and the fish will get sick and die. If this happened, people will no longer want to go to Um Saied’s beaches to swim and go fishing or boating, because the environment is damaged and polluted. People already complain that they can’t go to Um Saied beach or live there. After they complained, the government noticed that there is a lot of pollution and they have to think seriously about a solution to solve this problem and save Um Saied.

This problem is hared to solve, but the government of Qatar was determined to create a solution for the air pollution in Um Saied. They decided on four solutions: to build factories far away from the town, to design smoke filters for the factories, to create an environmental organization to keep an eye on the factories and all things that pollute the environment and the air, and to pass strong laws to control the air pollution.

Now everyone who pollutes the air has to pay a lot of money to the Qatar government. I don’t think that these solutions are enough for big cities, but for Qatar and Um Saied, they are useful.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Boram's Cause and Effect Essay

Air pollution is the contamination of air with noxious substances such as vehicle exhaust fumes. These days, people are interested in air pollution because it is a serious problem. There have been many incidents such as developing skin cancer and changing ecosystem. Most of all, if we are going to solve the problems, we need to know the causes. In air pollution, exhaust is a big cause, and most exhaust is auto exhaust and factory exhaust.

Auto exhaust is a pollutant that comes from cars. These days, most adults have a car. Some people have two, three or four cars. We may think that each person uses only one car, so it is a small part of air pollution. But those thoughts make much more pollution. Cars emit exhaust into the air and carbon monoxide from the exhaust goes up into the sky. Carbon monoxide meets oxygen in the air. They combine to create carbonate, which causes damage to the ozone layer. When the ozone layer is damaged people will develop skin cancer because gaps in the ozone layer allow ultraviolet rays to shine on the earth. If that happens, plants and animals will also be affected plants because chloroplasts will be damaged, and animals’ immunity will be destructed by ultraviolet rays. Finally everything will die.

Factory exhaust is another big cause of air pollution. Factories emit sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide into the air, where they meet and form sulphites and nitrites, which oxidize the air.
Eventually, our ecosystem will change because of those reasons. Exhaust is a more serious problem than we think, so we should reduce our use of private cars. Instead of cars, we should walk if we can or take public transportation. Walking is good for both the environment and our health. We should also reduce using factories. We should not waste goods that come from factories. The environment is not ours. It is just on loan to us, and we must give it to the next generation, so we must protect it.


Abdulla's Cause and Effect Essay

Air Pollution in Qatar

Air pollution is a serious environmental problem and it is one of many dangerous problems that threaten our life. There are a lot of causes of air pollution in Qatar especially in the capital, Doha, but I think the vehicle emission are the most significant cause of air pollution in Doha, whereas in Umsaieed, the main cause of air pollution is industrial smoke, because there are a lot of factories in Umsaieed. Air pollution is a serious problem in Qatar because it is very small and the population is centered in the capital city Doha. All the people should work together to solve our air pollution problems.

in the past few years, the number of cars has increased in Qatar for example, every house hold has more than two cars, which is a very big problem because we don’t have a lot of trees in my country, and car’s exhaust from all the cars spread very easily. Umsaieed is an industrial city not very far from the refineries Doha, there are a lot of factories in Umsaieed such as oil and gas refineries, and the smoke that comes from the factories damages the environment just as car exhaust does.

Air pollution threatens life, so the trees, plants, animals, and humans are in danger, Air pollution hurts the trees and plants, and every body as knows that the main food source for human and other animals is plants so; the animals will die because they will not find food, and as a result, humans will be affected also. Humans will also face a lot of diseases, such as skin cancer, asthma, skin allergies, and our eye problem. In Qatar there are a lot of programs to safeguards our environment because we know air pollution is very dangerous and it will damage the life in my country if we don’t control it.

Right now the government is trying to solve pollution problems in many ways, of things such as building industrial areas and airports away from cities, and I think this is very good idea . I also suggest that people shouldn’t drive if they want to go to near places, and they should put a filter on car’s exhaust pipe. Air pollution is a dangerous threat to our life. The transportation and industry are the main cause of air pollution, and everybody should help to make our world pure.



Nary's Cause and Effect Essay

We Sould Protect Our Earth

People come from the land and go back to the land. We take nutrition from land in order to grow. Our ancestors regarded the land as mother. They called the land a womb. Nowadays, people hurt the land in various ways. It is getting more and more polluted. We should protect the land because our lives depend on it.

One way people harm the earth is by burying lots of trash. We always use many disposable materials. For example, plates, cups, forks, and wrap are made of Styrofoam or plastic. They are very hard or even impossible to recycle. What can we do with them? We just bury them. If they decayed, they would disappear eventually. But they can’t decay so they just stay in the ground for hundreds of years. We create lots of trash. We go on burying it, and we need more and more land. Then, all of that land is used for garbage, so people can’t live there, and the land has no purpose. That’s how large areaof land are abandoned.

Another way people harm the earth is by using chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Farmers use a lot of land for farming, and many of them use chemical fertilizers and pesticides because they are very convenient. However, they harm good insects and animals because they are toxic. If plants grow in soil which contains lots of toxic chemicals, they will contain toxic chemicals. Toxic chemicals can not be digested, and they move to herbivorous animals. Finally, they move to people who eat polluted things and accumulate in the body.

If we use the land thoughtlessly, we will be harmed by the land. That’s why we should preserve the land. Governments should add more tax to disposable products. This is called green tax. Furthermore, we should teach recycling to our children. We should think about the consequences of our behavior for the environment. We don’t live by ourselves. We live together with nature.


Lun's Cause and Effect Essay

Saving Ground Water for Posterity

Water resources include direct rainfall and that collected in rivers, lakes and under ground. As a matter of fact, individuals, industry, and agriculture all need to use fresh water. Today, there are many countries whose water resources are not enough. In the U.S., agriculture is the major consumer of water, using about 85% of all U.S. freshwater resources. Agriculture is the main reason for the decrease in ground water.

Ground water is a storage source that must be protected. Recently, ground water has been decreasing in many locations. Some of them are running out. For example, if we continue to allow people to pump ground water, the Ogallala aquifer, which hold water for the states of Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas, will probably become non-productive within 40 years. Once gone, ground water can take at least 100 years to come back.

Since agriculture needs a lot of water, people in many locations have to use ground water. All crops need massive amounts of water during growth. For example, 1 pound of corn requires about 1,400 pounds (175 gallons) of water to produce because the stem of corn is bigger and taller than that of wheat and beans. Also, the corn crops grow during summer. Therefore, corn needs a lot of water to sustain its growth. In the USA, some locations do not have enough surface water resources. But still, people plant corn there and try to make some money from corn. Since corn needs a lot of water, people have to use rivers, lakes and ground water. People have to pump ground water and use it.

We should change the agriculture system to limit the waste of ground water. For example, we should not plant corn in the areas where there isn’t enough surface water. If we don’t protect ground water resources, we won’t be able to leave any resources to future generations. Eventually, we won’t be able to survive on this planet.



Alhajri's Cause and Effect Essay

Air Pollution in Qatar

Air is very important in our lives, and we must protect it from pollution. If the air is polluted there will be no life on the Earth. There are many things polluting the air in Qatar. In the last few years, air pollution has been increasing in Qatar because of the increase in the population and the number of factories.

There are a lot of things which cause the air pollution in Qatar. Because of the increase in the population, the number of cars is increasing. Qatar is a small country, but it has many factories because it depends on industry. Exhaust from cars and factory emissions are the main cause of the air pollution in Qatar. It is a serious problem.

Air pollution has many bad effects in the country. It endangers animal life. Birds and animals breathe the polluted air. Consequently, they are poisoned and died. People also breathe the polluted air. It causes asthma, pneumonia and the skin cancer for them. The ozone layer is destroyed by air pollution, so the mean temperature is increasing, which endangers people, animal and plant life. Because of the air pollution, the ecosystem has been changed.

Air pollution is not an easy problem. It is hard to solve this problem because we need the cars and factories. We must find effective solutions to this problem. The country is working very hard to solve this problem and we have many ways to decrease this environmental problem. We can build the industrial area away from the cities, which makes less smoke in the cities; decrease the number of cars by providing public buses for each city, and put filters in factories and cars to cleanse emissions. These measures will decrease the air pollution.


Maira's Cause and Effect Essay

A Major Ecological Problem in Almaty

Almaty used to be the national capital of Kazalhstan, and it is known as the city of apples. It is a beautiful place with a mountainous background and a very green city. In old times, we had a huge apple harvest. One thing people dislike about Almaty is the pollution which you can see hovering over the streets sometimes. In fact, this was one of the reasons for the transfer of the capital to another spot. Today Almaty is affected very seriously by air pollution.

One of the primary causes the city pollution is the exhaust from automobiles, approximately 85 percent. of. Over the past 10 years, the number of cars has increased ten-twelve times. Many of the cars are poor quality. In addition, up to 40 percent of the gasoline is impure. Furthermore, a vast amount of exhaust produced is trapped in and stayed into the city because a range of high mountains encloses the city, shielding it from winds. There is constant stale close air and severe smog.

People in Almaty are barely surviving without a breath of fresh air. As a result, people become sick due to the lack of clean air. Many citizens, perhaps 80 percent, have problems with high blood pressure. Young people, including schoolchildren, struggle with allergies, heart disease, and chronic headaches. It is especially hard for pregnant women; some of them lose their children late in pregnancy. 90 percent of newborn children are disabled. According to ecologists’ estimates, the deaths of about 2000 people a year are linked to ecological factors in the city.

The problem of air pollution in Almaty should be solved as soon as possible. The government ought to revise its environmental laws according to EU standards. Now ecologists from the whole world are seeking ways to solve the ecological problem in Almaty. It is being discussed a lot by all of the citizens. The mayor of the city has already passed a law to limit the use of old and out-dated vehicles, and cars must use natural gas instead of petrol. In my opinion, the best solution would be to replace cars with bicycles and change drivers’ habits. This will be also more enjoyable for all people in Almaty.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Cause and Effect Essay

Your final writing assignment for this semester was to write an essay about an environmental problem, explaining the cause(s) and effect(s) of the problem and offering possible solutions. You learned how to narrow your focus to a specific problem with which you are familiar, and most of you described environmental problems in your home countries or cities. You started by creating a flowchart showing a causal chain (a chain of causes and effects, each cause leading to an effect which becomes the cause of another effect). Then you composed a first draft consisting of the body paragraph(s) of the essay. In your second draft, you added an introduction describing the problem and a conclusion suggesting solutions to the problem.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Eman's recommendation

Next Friday we will have a trip with our institute. We have three choices; the National Zoo, the National Arboretum, or the DC Neighborhoods Exploration. I prefer the National Arboretum because nothing makes us feel so comfortable and relaxed as nature. Also, I missed the cherry blossoms two weeks ago; I couldn't go there. I think this is the best time to see the beauty of America. All the time we hear about this country that it is a paradise on earth, and this depends on the natural beauty of this land. Especially when we go together, we can take a lot of beautiful pictures there, and it will become a wonderful memory for all of us.

As for the other choices, I can accept the zoo. It's my second choice. But I think it will not be very easy to go around there with a big group. I prefer to go there alone or with a friend. For the last choice, I don't want to go there because I'm sure I will lose my way there, and I hate crowds in a small area. I'm not sure about my classmates' choices, but I have to accept what the majority of them choose. I hope it will be as nice and exciting as last week's field trip.


Mohammed Al-Hajri's recommendation

We have three choices for our class field trip, and we have three choices: the national zoo,
national arboretum, and the DC neighborhoods exploration, but I think we had better go to the
Zoo because most of the students prefer that. It is good place to take pictures. I like animals, so
I would rather go to the Zoo. I think it is good idea and we will spend a good time there.


Mohammed Alb's recommendation

hello oo3 class.

I chose the zoo for field trip because i like the animals. I like take a picture for new and strange animals. And the first reason for choose the zoo because i have not been in the zoo for 4 years.

I think we will enjoy the visit more than the other places. I heard about the american zoo very much and i find it very exciting.This is my opinion and i hope you will enjoy the visit.


Ali's recommendation

I think go to the zoo more interesting then others for a lot of reasons. First we can see some kinds of animals, and we can feed them. Then we can play with monkeys, ducks, and elephant. After that we can take some picture. Finally we will know a lot of new information. And on the other hand, National Arboretum and DC Neighborhood Exploration are boring in my opinion.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Nary's recommendation

I want to go the Zoo or the DC Neighborhoods Exploration, because there are a lots of interesting things! Of course the Arboretum is good too, but(!) if someone is allergic to plants, she(he) would have a big problem!!! Anyway, the arboretum is boring. I like animals. They make us happy! We can be happy!!!!!!!


Abdulrahman's Recommendation

Last week I heard from my teacher that we have class field trip, and we have three choices the first one is the national zoo, the second is national Arboretum, or the DC Neighborhoods Exploration. I prefer going to the zoo because most of the student chose this choice, and because it’s interesting to see the new animals, strange things, have fun, and take photos.


Lun's recommendation

I would rather go to the National Arboretum because I think we have many chances to go to the zoo and Chinatown, but we won't go to the National Arboretum by ourselves. And it is spring, the best season to see plants. By the way, I promise the smell is better than a zoo. I have gone to the zoo once and gone to Chinatown many times. I prefer going to the National Arboretum to going to the zoo. Why don't we go the National Arboretum? It is spring!! Let's go!!


Boram's recommendation

I want to go DC Neighborhoods Exploration. It looks interesting, and I hope to see many different cultures. In Korea, there is also Chinatown, so I hope to know different things between in Korea and in the USA. I also want to go the national zoo, but DC Neighborhoods Exploration looks more interesting. And because I know how to get the national zoo exactly, I will be able to go another day. But I don’t know how to get DC Neighborhoods Exploration.
But I don’t want to go the National Arboretum. I like an arboretum, but it is boring. And if the weather is not good, we won’t be able to see. It is terrible. So I want to go DC Neighborhoods Exploration.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Maira's recomendation

I have met many different people since I came to the USA. I am interested to know about other culture. Also it talks about Washington, DC. I might be to understand another American people by knowing their habits, opinions closely, and by trying their food.
I’ve been in Chinatown two times. There is a movie center, a Sturback’s cafeteria, some shops, the Spy museum, and something looks like Chinese gates. I couldn’t see any Chinese people there. I remember there is the American roc café. Nothing is special from China.
But I’ve never been in the Adams-Morgan and Shaw/U Street. I can’t imagine what that is. I need to know Spanish people. I don’t feel comfortable with them and really I should do something to understand them.
Secondly I choose the National Arboretum. I would like to see bonsai trees and I love beautiful flowers. Their beauty makes people happy


Abdulla's recommendations

Last week our teacher told us that we should choose one of three field trips. The choices was the National Arboretum , DC Neighbourhoods Exploration, and the national zoo . I chose the national zoo trip because of a lot of reasons, but the main reason is that I love animals, specially the monkeys , because the monkeys are very funny , and I think monkeys are the smartest animals . Another reason is that I like feed the ducks and it is interesting. In the zoo we can take some photos with our teachers and my classmates. So I think the zoo is the best choice and I hope that we will have a wonderful time in the national zoo .


Ozgecan's recommendations

I would rather go to National Zoo or the National Arboretum than the DC Neighborhoods Exploration. I think the National Zoo is very interesting. So is the National Arboretum. I haven't been there before. I can take some pictures. These places are more interesting for me. Somebody said that the smell is not good in the zoo. Actually, it made me to think about it. The National Arboretum might be better just because of the smell. If we go to DC Neighborhoods, it will not be boring for me because I can shop and see the city. It is also good for me, but we can do it by ourselves. I know we can do the others by ourselves too, but I think shopping, walking arround, or these kind of things are more personal things. I prefer the National Zoo or the National Arboretum.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Recommendations for Our Second Class Field Trip

Before the semester ends, we are going to go on another field trip. The students have three options to consider:

1. The National Zoo:

2. the National Arboretum:

3. DC Neighborhood Exploration: Chinatown, Adams Morgan, and U street:

I have asked the students to consider the three options and to write a short (1-2 paragraphs) piece for the blog, recommending one of the options and giving reasons why they think it is the best one.

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